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The Breaker. New waves. 3. - Jeon Keuk-Jin

DATA DI RILASCIO: 23/08/2014
ISBN: 9788864207896
AUTORE: Jeon Keuk-Jin

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Dopo che è stato sfidato da Saera - che gli ha intimato di ritrovare il Gumunryong se vuole avere salva la vita - e da Yoo Ji-gun (che minaccia di fare del male a Saehee se lui dovesse scappare) a Shioon non rimane altro che tornare a combattere. E dopo il duro allenamento della casata Sunwoo è finalmente pronto allo scontro! Ma i nemici sono davvero temibili e lui, nonostante le sue straordinarie capacità fisiche latenti, ha ancora il danjun distrutto... Sopravvivrà allo lotta?

...Waves 169 page 5, The Breaker New Waves 169 page 6, The Breaker New Waves 169 page 7 ... THE BREAKER NEW WAVES - Star Comics ... . Lecture en ligne scan 169 The Breaker New Waves. The 2nd part of The Breaker series titled The Breaker New Waves started serialization on October 21, 2010 and ended serialization in May 8, 2015 See also Serialization Info, Part I: The Breaker It's been confirmed by the author and artist for several months already. The plan is to have NW end "soon", though what that means in regards to The Breake ... The Breaker: New Waves Manhwa : Read The Breaker: New ... ... . The plan is to have NW end "soon", though what that means in regards to The Breaker nobody knows. Soon could be next year. Either way, once NW is done they will take a leave of absence and then start on The Breaker Part 3, which hasn't gotten a name yet. The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves will now be continued by Season 3. The new Season should be coming in April according to several rumors. Looking forward to this a lot. Edit: Not an April Fools day joke. Page 1 of 31 - The Breaker: New Waves (Part 3) - posted in Manga Discussion: Previous Thread Here I could do with a harem ending. But honestly, the only plausible women I see Shioon with at the end of the series is So-Sul (when she finally has her powers). She is the only one in power level-potential wise to end up with the eventual strongest Shioon. After reading the breaker tbh i had high expectations from the breaker new waves. I literally red the whole season 2 in 2 days cause i was soo goddamn hipe for this 2 season but after reading 200 chapter i would say that they f up the story, it was soo long and soo bad that i literally cried cause i invested so much of my time and they did nothing good in this season....